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Ripauste Leather Shoulder Pouch

Ripauste Leather Shoulder Pouch


Both soft and trendy, the Ripauste Leather Shoulder Pouch is made with the perfect material and comes in all the right colors for an evening on the beach or to accessorize your next wedding outfit.

Available in Cobalt Blue, Coral, Camel, Red, Gray, Orange, Light Pink, Yellow, Silver and Black. 

And to have an ultra sophisticated look, consider the matching leather belt.

The extras in the perforated pocket: 

Removable carabiner, magnetic snap closure, adjustable handle Dimensions: Dimensions of the cover: 23 (L) x 15 (H) x 10 (l) Dimensions of the handle: 80cm / 160cm Material :Leather perforated calfskin

Made in Montpellier, France

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